15 ultra productive habits

15 Surprising Things ULTRA PRODUCTIVE PEOPLE do differently

The average person follows routine, above average breaks it and ultra-productive ones do things differently. Here are some surprising facts ultra-productive people do differently and how you can utilize them in your life.

 1. They Multiply Time.

If we see an average human being life, considering it to be around 70 to 80 years, which is small. The amount of life we get to become successful is even smaller, just around 12 to 18 years. In this tiny span of few years you have to grow yourself, build a business empire or if you do a job then just a couple of years where you need to secure your present and future, not only for yourself but also for the future family. 

Surprising Things ULTRA PRODUCTIVE PEOPLE do differently

See the above diagram. This shows how our lifecycle goes from birth to end in a small span. Each second that is passing will never ever going to return.

We have to utilize time in such a way so that we get multiple time in the future.

How to Multiply Time

Time multiply concept is utilizing present time such that current and the future task can be automated or time utilized to complete that task can be reduced in folds.

In this video, this concept is explained in the best way possible. Using this concept, you can free yourself in future and utilize that time productively in other works.

2.  Productive people identify their MIT

Identify your most important task (MIT) and work on it at the time of day when you are highly focused and energetic, preferably in the morning.

This is the most important thing that ultra-productive people do. Daily prioritizing the tasks helps oneself from hassle and confusion. Daily doing these task will give your confidence a boost. There is a famous saying that during a fight people are not afraid of 10,000 types of moves you have learned but one move which you have practiced ten thousand times. This move can be your business acumen or knowledge, or any kind of skill set. It will surely give you a slow and steady win

3. They don’t use to-do lists.

Throw away your to-do list, instead schedule everything on your calendar.

To - Do list has now just used as a mere medium for momentary satisfaction. Later, when the task does not get completed will either cut it off or again postpone it making some excuses. Strike off your to-do list and make an action. Schedule your tasks on the calendar of your mobile by allotting its proper date and time and make sure your task get completed at that time only.

  • 4. They beat procrastination with time-travel.

  • Your future – self can’t be trusted if it’s not aligned with the things you are doing right now. What can you do now to make sure your future – self the best possible version?
    This time travel does not mean that we jump on the time travel machine and go into the future. Instead, this is same idea explained in the point above, Time Multiplying Concept. Things that are actually important and will be required for future work or can make future work easy should be done first. No procrastination of such work should be done.

    5. They make it home for dinner.

    There will always be more things to be done. This is a very frequent problem with our generation. In greed of the most output, we do overtime most of the time and forget the importance of personal time. Personal time means the time that is used to spend with family and self. It helps in the all-round development of a person. It helps to maintain the necessary calmness in you. The sense of frustration or lacking will wither away if you spend some quality time with your loved ones.

    spend time with familly




  • 6. They use Journals.
  • Capture important things in your journal so that your mind can stay carefree.

    Your mind may be a supercomputer but computers also get crashed or junks make them slow. In day-to-day life, many junks get captured in your mind. Therefore, sometimes most useful information can get messed up in between. So start using a journal to outsource all important things so that now your mind can be used efficiently.

    ultra productive people use journals

  • 7. They only check email thrice a day or less.

  • Don’t let email or social media interrupt your flow, schedule times to read and respond to email. Especially students and people having an online business check their mail multiple times. Whenever they get free time, they start scrolling down on Instagram or other social media. People having online business read emails multiple times in thought of that they don’t miss any important mail. These people must know the value of time spent in any such activity.
  • 8. They avoid meetings at all cost

  • Don’t hold meetings if you have to, keep them short and make everybody stand up.
    Break your business or workflow into small - small departments and appoint managers to keep track of them. Hold a meeting with managers only. Don’t centralize the system that for every action in your business is only taken care by you. This is just a delay in your work.

    9. They say “no” to all most everything.

    Every “yes” is actually a “no” to something else. Say no to everything outside of your goal areas.
    You should be very careful with what you should spend time into. Time wastage is the only wastage that cannot be reused. Use your time well. There will be many distractions and you should know your priority where, when and how to utilize your time. Develop the art of saying ‘no’ to unimportant things.
  • 10. They follow the 80/20 rule.

  • Pareto discovered that in every natural organic process 80% of the outcome come from the 20% of the activities. Identify the 20% and eliminate the rest. This principle is widely used by CEOs and business executives.

    Pareto Principle(80/20 rule)


    This is the ultimate formula for success. Use your brain to analyze the activities you do. Either meetings, marketing or any others all activities will definitely relate to growing your business but only 20% of them gives your business real boost and rest 80% will only slightly raise the growth. You should analyze that 20% and give your best and let 80% task to your managers or outsource them. This when followed properly, will give you the most quality output and help you rise exponentially.

  • 11. They delegate or outsource almost everything.

  • Identify your unique ability, utilize it, and outsource everything else.

    As discussed just above, you need not to do all the task by yourself. You must only spend your full time doing 20% of all important ones and appoint reliable and suitable managers who can perform those task well. Best would be managers who are better than you in fulfilling the given task. In this way, you will be doing the work in which you are good at and they will be doing that work in which they are good at.

  • 12. They have work themes for days of the week.

  • Productive people set a day of the week to focus on major areas; batch their tasks during the day.

    Planning your task in the proper way will help in task fulfillment on time with proper work distribution and will lower your last minute burden. So utilize your free time well in planning your useful work time.

  • 13. They touch things only once.

  • If something will take less than 10 minutes to complete, do it immediately. Ultra successful people only touch things once. They don’t want to carry their task in a pending to-do list. If the task is small and can be completed in a short span then they find time to complete them immediately. By completing many small tasks immediately, they reduce the useless burden from their mind. Procrastination sometimes brings burden, if a task which needs to be performed, is important.

  • 14. They have a consistent morning ritual.

  • Wake up early and give yourself 60 – minutes for mental, physical and spiritual health. Each day, one must give half to one hour daily morning time to body and consciousness maintenance. Exercise, stretch, jog, yoga, etc. are some ways to bring boost your mental, physical and spiritual well-being. A small boost in the morning will maintain your all round stability throughout the day and your efficiency will always be at a top-notch level.

  • 15. They think in terms of energy.

  • Maximize your energy to maximize productivity. Focus on sleep, diet, exercise and short breaks throughout the day.

    Energy throughout day

    Ultra successful people do a task to complete it. They don’t bother either it is day or night. Their only aim is to fulfill the task efficiently. They only keep track of energy. If it’s low then it is time for rest otherwise time-based boundation will just provide compromise with quality.

    If you are dedicated to what you are doing, quality should be given more priority.

    Of all the habits that the ultra-productive people have, how many of them you practice daily? And which of them are you going to?

    Let us know in the comment section.

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