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13 Innovative Makeup/Beauty Products You Must Have

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Westfield Retailers is a collection of innovative products that are produced all around the world. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. Facial Sauna


Facial Sauna

Facial Sauna Helps To Remove Dirt, Bacteria And Makeup Residue Effortlessly So You Can Get A Spa-like Treatment At Your Home.

The facial sauna can relieve cold and rhinitis symptoms, have therapeutic effects on the eye/ear, nose, pharyngitis/keratitis/tracheitis. The facial steamer can balance the moisture of the skin, reduce wrinkles and make skin supple, moist and more elastic. It’s a must-have skincare and health care treatment you can get.

Product Rating: 4.8/5(13 Reviews) 

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2. Lip Plumper Device 


Lip Plumper Device

Lip Plumper Device Helps To Enhance Lip Line And Overall Lip Fullness So That You Can Get Charming Look Quickly.

The lip plumper device is light in weight and small enough to tuck into a makeup bag for use before touching up lipstick every day or just on special occasions. Perfect beauty gadget with its trendy and lovely appearance design.

Product Reviews: 5/5 (1 Review) 

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3. Eye Makeup Magnification Glasses 


Eye Makeup Magnification Glasses

Makeup Eyeglasses Give You The Perfect Amount Of Magnification To See The Tiniest Detail Hands-free.  Perfect for women who wear eyeglasses.

Are you facing trouble applying makeup with a compromised vision? No more mess and smudges now! This makeup reading glasses will help you achieve the flawless look by backing you to avoid any make-up trouble, like crooked lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara. You can switch the lens to left or right according to your need. Now get perfect eye makeup with our Makeup Eyeglasses in a hassle-free way.

Product Reviews: 4.8/5 (67 Reviews)

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4. Quick Storage Makeup Pouch 


Quick Storage Makeup Pouch

Now Keep Your Cosmetics Organized & Handy, No Matter Where You Are!

Do you always struggle to find your cosmetics? Now organize your makeup essentials neatly in one place with Quick Storage Makeup Pouch. It is an innovative way to organize your grooming items. 

It has a colorful and beautiful design which minimizes weight and maximizes storage capacity. The cosmetic bag opens flat for full access. Just cinch the drawstring closure to seal and convert to a pouch. The makeup pouch is portable, and compact size makes it easy to carry anywhere you want. It allows you to see all your items in one place.

Product Reviews: 4.8/5 (14 Reviews)

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5. Face Cleansing Brush


Face Cleansing Brush

Face Cleansing Brush Deeply Cleans Your Skin And Saves Your Expensive Trips To Beauty Salons!

Are you looking for an effective solution to cleanse and massage your face for improved skin? This Face Cleansing Brush is an innovative and advanced way to cleanse, smooth, and rejuvenate your skin. 

3 different silicone brush head areas and the high-frequency vibrations deeply clean the skin and make your skin softer, smoother and healthier. Effectively removes dead cells; cleans pores and makeup. Suitable for all skin type, gives you a different cleansing experience every day.

Product Reviews: 4.8/5 (67 Reviews) 

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6. Blackhead, Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Kit


 Blackhead, Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Kit

This Perfect Pore Cleanser is the newly invented solution to shrinking large, oily pores.

It easily removes blackheads using micro-suction technology while reducing the size of your skin's pores. By penetrating deep below the skin's surface, the pores are rid of excess oil and dirt, making your skin cleaner and smoother. Clinically approved by top dermatologists the Perfect Pore Cleanser is the #1 recommended solution for clearer skin in a safe and natural way to remove acne and blackheads.

Product Reviews: 4/5 (1 Review) 

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7. Double Head Eyeliner


Double Head Eyeliner

Create the Perfect Cat Eye Every Time & Beautify Your Eyes for Any Occasion!

Tired of uneven winged look? Now inspire your inner makeup artist with this Double Head Eyeliner. This winged eyeliner stamp gives you perfect cat eye look every time. So go Hassle-free easily.

The vamp stamp goes on smoothly without skipping, smudging, or pulling. This winged eyeliner stamp is waterproof eyeliner. The color is natural and long-lasting, it will stay all day until you decide to take it off. Best black liner to create the perfect cat-eye.

Product Reviews: 5/5 (9 Review) 

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8. Electric Head Lice Comb, Removes Lice & Eggs


 Electric Head Lice Comb, Removes Lice & Eggs

Almost everyone, especially women and child are facing the problem of dandruff lice and its egg in the head. For this solution, most people use different slim comb and oil to clean the head. This causes different side effects, for instance, if someone uses oil for a long time in hair this may damage hair from roots and combs bruises caused on head’s skin creates a problem.

With the help of slim combs may be some lice will come out but not all, and in the root many eggs are trapped and do not come out even without much struggles.

For the solution of removing dandruff, this device is a recent modern machine which is 100 percent effective and without any side effect.

Product Reviews: No Reviews Yet

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9. Electric Spin Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer


Electric Spin Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer

Fast and effective Makeup Brush Cleaner. Easy to Use three-step procedure, Assemble the spinner with a makeup brush, Spin and Rinse, Spin again to dry it.

8 different sizes of rubber holders, suitable for most type of makeup brushes.

Product Reviews: 4.5/5 (57 Reviews) 

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10. Makeup Cosmetics Organizer Box Case

Makeup Cosmetics Organizer Box Case

This Makeup organizer box holds maximum products that are available on women's dressing table. With just 2kg weight, it is easy to carry and has a separate compartment for most of the cosmetics products. Made up of good quality hard durable plastic, definitely a must-have. 

Product Reviews: 4.7/5 (22 Reviews) 

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11. 10 Bulb Kit For Dressing & Makeup Table


10 Bulb Kit For Dressing & Makeup Table

The coolest lightning system for your makeup or dressing table.

It comes with a novelty touch control switch to control the brightness by 10 levels. It also remembers the brightness level during the last use so that you don't have to change it every time you switch on. 

Product Reviews: 5/5 (7 Reviews) 

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12. 360Spin Rotating Makeup Organizer


360Spin Rotating Makeup Organizer

The 360 Makeup Organizer helps to eliminate all of your makeup clutter and the best part is that since it is so small, it can fit easily on your vanity, counter top or even your desk.

With this 360-degree rotating makeup organizer, you can not only free up some counter space, but you can also fix your makeup so that it is easy to find and easy to get to. This product is a must buy for any makeup lover!

Product Reviews: No Reviews Yet

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13. Electric Eyelash Extension Curler Pen


Electric Eyelash Extension Curler Pen

Want more dramatic lift and curl with your eyelashes? Then it's a must-have. 

This Electric Eyelash Curler can coax even the most stubborn and unruly set of lashes perfectly into place and is gentle enough for eyelash extensions. It can even be used to calm over-curled lashes, and coax unruly brows into place.

Product Reviews: No Reviews Yet

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