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What Can A Handmade Chunky Knit Blanket Do For You... Find Out!

What Can A Handmade Chunky Knit Blanket Do For You... Find Out!

In winters everyone’s favorite accessory is a blanket! It is undeniably the most comfortable and cozy item ever to be huddled up in and helps you to forget about how cold the world outside actually is.

Blankets are at times the only comfort and source of warmth that any person can find during the freezing months of winter. So much so that people are wishing that they could go about finishing their daily chores while wrapped in a blanket.

But unfortunately, as blankets are not yet a type of fashion trend, this kind of desire will have to wait for the upcoming years when something new comes up.

Who knows? Maybe Vogue could come out with a new runway killer style of shirts that double as blankets. Or just blankets that look cute!

Be it as it may…you still need a super comfortable and warm blanket to keep you cozy during the days of winter. Even if you can’t catwalk in it outside on the streets of New York…you still need one!

But blankets are in a huge variety nowadays and it is really hard to find one that is unique or at least not owned by 5 people in your area. Everyone yearns to find something that is exceptional and not seen before. For that, you have to know all about what a chunky blanket is, this guide is just for you.

What is A Chunky Blanket? | Complete Buying Guide

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Differing from normal blankets, a chunky blanket is…well chunkier! It is thicker and features a bold and prominent knitting style. You could say it has been knitted by 4XL knitting needles. It is usually made of materials such as wool, cotton, acrylic…etc. It is also said to be more breathable than other blankets because of the thick yarn it is weaved with. This leaves larger gaps of space between the yarn, that although may seem like it might let air freeze you; but that’s not how it works.

With a chunky knit blanket, your comfort is the first priority to be taken care of! You can envelop all your body with this blanket and not feel it to be too heavy or suffocating. It is perfect to keep you warm but at the same time not too warm that you start feeling suffocated and irritated.

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Benefits of a Chunky Blanket

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Chunky blankets are better than normal blankets for many reasons. But possibly the best and most useful advantage there is, is the aforementioned one!

Chunky blankets are breathable and allow there to be an appropriate amount of ventilation around your body so as you do not get too warm. That is a common issue amongst blanket-lovers is that once they are all wrapped up and cozy in their favorite blanket; their body temperature keeps rising without stopping.

That is usually because there is no healthy ventilation happening! Due to that, the body gets too hot under the blanket. And eventually, you will have to stick out a leg or two. Eventually, you will get irritated enough to throw off the blanket.

This situation is avoided altogether with a chunky blanket as it provides there room for ventilation but still keeps you warm and cozy.

Moreover, chunky blankets are way more unique than other types of blankets. So there is a big possibility that you will not be finding these blankets in every other household. On top of that with the unique style and design of chunky blankets, each one is different than the other increasing the chances of a colorful and exclusive interior.

Tips for Buying a Chunky Blanket

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There are not many regulations when it comes to picking out a blanket that is best suited for you. Basically, you have to keep a couple of general things in mind.

Firstly ensure which material you want your blanket to be in. Some people have sensitive skin and they either get rashes or inflammations if they (for example) expose their skin to acrylic wool. So, take care on which material makes you most comfortable and pick that. Even if you feel like the material prickles a little, ditch it and find one that is soft and makes you feel cozy and snug. Because it is the worst feeling to be warm and snug in a blanket and then it starts itching at your skin.

Secondly, you want to make sure what size blanket you want to go for. A chunky knit blanket comes in all sizes. There are ones that fit perfect to size and other oversized ones in case you want to get lost in one on a cold snowy morning. Legend says the bigger the blanket, the more comfortable you can find. Moreover, with oversized blankets, you can cuddle with your significant other or have some quality time with your kid(s) as they sneak hideout in your blanket with you.

Lastly and most importantly, the outlet at which you choose to shop also plays a big role in you purchasing a chunky blanket. As some may like to shop from their nearby stores, others like to choose the option of shopping at online stores. If that is your choice too then you might want to read on and find where the best spots to shop for chunky blankets are.

Where to Buy a Chunky Blanket?

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There are undeniably so many different online retailers that claim to provide the best service and outstanding product quality. And of course, nearly half the time such outlets provide the lowest quality products and the shipping time is hardly bearable. It is finally time for you to shop from a reliable, guaranteed, and trustworthy store with a hard-working team that plan to give you your money’s worth.

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