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Anti Flat-Head Baby Pillow

Anti Flat-Head Baby Pillow

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The Pillow Is Designed To Prevent Positional Plagiocephaly ("FLAT HEAD SYNDROME")

About 30% of babies under 6 months are affected by a flat or lopsided head. Doctors recommend that babies should always sleep on their backs.

However, this can deform the back of the head, a condition known as 'flat head syndrome'.

Benefits of using this baby flat head pillow:

• Ideal to prevent and avoid flat head syndrome and plagiocephaly

• Allows baby to sleep comfortably without suffering pain or pressure in your head, thanks to its design which distributes the pressure properly

• It can sleep the baby comfortably thanks to its function as anti-roll pillow is the pillow more complete positional plagiocephaly market

• This baby pillow is the best solution for your baby to obtain proper development and growth and avoid health problems

Why choose one of these memory foam pillows:

✓ The best gift for the new mom

✓ It is very easy and simple to use and makes it much more comfortable baby rest while development helps your head correctly

✓ Comes in handy for day to day with the baby, because at this early age sleep many hours and you can use this pillow anywhere plagiocephaly

Package Includes: 1* Flat Head Syndrome Pillow



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