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3D Printing Drawing Art Pen Set With LCD Screen

3D Printing Drawing Art Pen Set With LCD Screen

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3D Printing Drawing Art Pen Set With LCD Screen

Excite your child's creativity by providing them with a high tech 3D pen. Our 3d printer pen enables your child to create an unique masterpiece within minutes.

best 3d pen

Equipped with 12 colorful filaments, the 3d art pen lets your child mix and match colors to create the perfect toy. Not only that, but it's extremely easy to switch between colors for a fun and convenient playtime. 

With its compact design, the 3d doodle pen is extremely ergonomic and easy to hold on to. This way, your child won't have any trouble with maneuvering the 3d drawing pen and bringing their ideas to life.

kids 3d pen

Best out of all, the professional 3d pen is fun for both kids and adults, making it a great bonding activity for the whole family. Enrich your child's artistic side by providing them with our premium 3d pen.


EASY TO USE - Our 3d printer pen comes with multiple accessories that make it more convenient to use. All that you have to do is to insert the filament into the 3d art pen and start creating your masterpiece.

ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE - Equipped with a temperature adjustment knob, the heat of the 3d doodle pen can be fully controlled. This way, you'll be able to manage how much filament is dispensed by the 3d drawing pen.

EDUCATIONAL - Not only is the kids 3d pen an awesome toy, but it is also extremely educational. It has the ability to develop your child's creativity, strengthen their grip, and enrich their motor skills.


1x Professional 3d pen


Domestic Shipping (USA): Your 3d pen will be packaged and shipped within 3 days of ordering. Keep in mind our items are custom made and shipped from warehouses across the globe which means it may take them 7 to 29 business days to arrive after shipment (most of the time closer to 18). 

International Shipping: The 3d printer pen will be packaged and shipped within 5 days of order. We do ship worldwide! Please be patient and note that delivery times will vary depending on your location. Majority of the countries will have the best 3d art pen delivered within 2 to 5 weeks!

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