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Free 360 Wringing Floor Mop Kit

Free 360 Wringing Floor Mop Kit

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Easy to Use Hands-Free Wringing Floor Mop

Get hold of these convenient and practical hands-free wringing floor mpos! It makes cleaning the house an easy task!


  • The 360-degree swivel head makes it easy to reach anywhere under furniture
  • Strong water absorption capacity, can quickly remove water, oil and dirty liquid on the ground
  • The mop lever and mop cloth are removable
  • Lightweight, easy to extend handle for cleaning hard to reach places
  • Hands-free design with a flexible microfiber mop head
  • Material: Microfibre Fabric
  • Mop Head Material: Polyester
  • Component Type: Plastic Basket + Metal Pedal
  • Size: 140*37*15cm
  • Capacity: <300ml
  • Weight: <2kg
  • Dehydration Rate: 80% -90%

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