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Infant Baby Hooded Wrap Blanket | Swaddling Blanket 0-12 Month

Infant Baby Hooded Wrap Blanket | Swaddling Blanket 0-12 Month

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Are you having double thoughts about giving your child a blanket when he goes to sleep? You can now stop the worry with the Newborn Receiving Sleeping Blanket. 

With this blanket, you will not worry anymore about it getting on their face. Much safer to use and in super cute designs too!

Your babies are safer as they won’t be able to pull it up on their faces. This is a sleeping bag specially designed and made for baby’s so they can still feel warm and comfortable during the cold night. 

Studies said that blankets maybe one of the causes of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). And leaving them sleeping with blankets may lead to the blanket going on their face and suffocate them. But with this blanket, you can already leave the worries behind.

These Sleeping Bags have easy zipper opening so you can put your baby comfortably inside. Make your baby boy look like a little shark, fish, tiger, and frog! Some blankets also have holes on the side so you can put their arms out.


Comfortable and Durable. Made of cotton fabric material which is safe and best for baby’s sensitive skin. The blanket is thick but is comfortable enough for the baby. 

You can easily fold this up when not in use and store it for later use. You can also use this as a pad for strollers!

This will surely last for a very long time and can also be used for other babies to come! A great gift idea for expecting parents you know and for baby showers.

  • Thickened lamb's wool:  soft and warm, take care of your baby's health, safe and harmless.
  • Nice for baby's sensitive skin:  made of wool both inside and out, which keeps them warm in the cold winter.
  • Simple velcro closure:  it will not let the baby feel suffocated, and it will not affect the natural growth of the baby.
  • Creative Design:  With a cute little sheep as inspiration, offering your baby a comfortable sleeping environment.
  • Easy to wash:  it can be easily washed in a washing machine.

It is made both inside and out of soft and comfortable high-quality wool and features a simple velcro design to keep the bed baby from feeling suffocated. 

What's in the Box?

Newborn Receiving Sleeping Blanket

1 x Newborn Sleeping Blanket
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