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Portable Newborn Feeding Bottle (60ml)

Portable Newborn Feeding Bottle (60ml)

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Bottle Material: PP material, high hardness, high stability, non-toxic, no odor, no bisphenol

A Dust cap: Bottle with a cap to avoid contamination of the nipple, the baby is more assured

Bottle body printing pattern: using safe ink, non-toxic and harmless, no carcinogens such as lead metal, the printed pattern is bright and it remains unchanged for a long time even after safe wash


Wash and disinfect the bottle before each use, put it in a sanitary place after cleaning, avoid contact with insects and bacteria, and protect your baby's health. 

The milk cap of the bottle can not be rotated too tightly or too loosely, so as to avoid deformation or leakage of the nipple and affect the normal use function of the nipple. 

When cleaning the bottle, do not use a washing material containing materials such as grinding or metal to avoid bottle wear.

Please check the nipple and bottle regularly. Once damaged or deformed, please replace it in time for your baby's health.

 Infants and young children must be cared for and used by adults. The nipple should not be used as a mouth or pacifier.  

 Safe tips: 

 It is recommended to use boiled water to cool to above 70 °C. 

If you shake the bottle up and down vertically, it may cause the liquid in the bottle to squirt, causing burns.

 When the temperature is adjusted during winter or when the temperature of the bottle is low, the temperature of the bottle itself is low, such as direct injection of boiling water, which may cause the bottle to rupture. 

After the milking, if the liquid temperature is too high, it is not suitable for the baby to cover the bottle cover when using the water, and the temperature of the liquid in the bottle is cooled to the appropriate temperature with running water or cold water. 

Please do not let the running water directly rush to the bottle and bottle cap. Please flush the water from the bottle body.

 Please avoid using a microwave to heat the washed milk or heat the milk.

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