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Premium Quality Elastic Sofa Covers

Premium Quality Elastic Sofa Covers

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Premium Quality Elastic Sofa Covers

This premium quality elastic sofa cover is easy to fit any kind of sofa. The fabric is not easily damaged, and it has a great, soft feeling to touch. It also shields and protects your furniture from spills and dust preventing it from getting ruined. 


  • High-density fabric protects your sofa from unexpected stains
  • Screenprint technology used for strong colorfastness
  • Elastic fabric for easy application
  • Bandage and sponge bar design offers a perfect fit and non-slip grip
  • Available in different colors and patterns design to match any interior
  • Can be used at the home, hotel or at special events
  • Comes in 4 sizes, will fit different sofas and couches
  • Totally machine washable
  • Material: Polyester / Cotton
  • Size: 145-185cm
  • Weight: 1400g
  • Applicable Sofa: Double-seat Sofa

Size Guide
Kindly measure the size of your sofa carefully. Take account of the armrests too. If you do not take the armrests into account, the sofa cover might not fit on your sofa.

1. For single seater sofa cover, length of the sofa should be within 90-140 cm
2. For Two-seater sofa cover length of the sofa should be within 145-185 cm
3. For Three-seater sofa cover Length of the sofa should be 195-230 cm
4. For Four-seater sofa cover length of the sofa should be 235-300 cm
5. For sectional or corner sofa, we would suggest the purchase of 2 covers. The size of the cover will depend on the length of AA, BB, and CC lines.

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