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High Suction Window Cleaner Robot

High Suction Window Cleaner Robot

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High Suction Window Cleaner Robot

Don't take the risk to clean your windows with your life. Use High Suction Window Cleaner Robot. Easy to use with remote control. Made of super-absorbent cleaning cloth that can clean oil, dirt, and dust, etc.

1. Before use must fasten safety rope, safety rope and tied the fixtures,
in order to avoid danger.
2. Please check before using the safety rope is broken, the knot is loose.
3.No balcony of the glass doors and windows must be set on the ground floor of the risk warning area, close to the ban.
4. This machine must be followed by the power cord to be used normally.
5. Please in the built-in battery under saturated electric (green light)
to use.
6. Please open the power before placing the machine.
7. When the machine is placed on the glass, please make sure that the machine can be adsorbed on the glass and let it go.
8. Please take off the power after turn off the machine.
9. Do not use in no frame glass.
10. Make sure to clean the ring on the cleaning wheel to avoid leakage.。
11. Do not use in rainy or wet weather.
12. Do not spray directly on the machine.
13. Do not allow children to use.
14. Remove obstacles from the glass, and prohibit the use of cracks in the glass. When used in reflective glass and coated glass, be careful because of wind and sand blown glass surface.
15. Do not use hair, clothes, fingers and any part of the body near the opening of the product or rotating parts.
16. Do not allow the machine to suck in gasoline and other flammable liquids, gases, or in the use of flammable liquids, gases.

Size : 298*150*120/11.73*5.91*4.72 inch
Weight : 945g/2.08lbs
Input Voltage : 100~240VAC,50Hz/60Hz
Adapter output :24v/3.75A
Adapter certification : UL, FCC, CE, RoHS
Power consumption :80W
AC power cord length :1.0m
DC power cord length : 4.0m
Safety rope length : 4.5m
Battery : 4xLi-Po,3.7V
Battery working time : 20 minutes
Battery life time : 2 years
Cleaning speed : 4min/meter^ 2 (clean twice everywhere)
Maximum cleaning area : Height:6 meters , Wide:5 meters

How to clean the glass
Step1:Dry wipe
●Wipe for the first time, you must use the "dry brush" (no water
spray), to remove dust on the surface of the glass.
●If you first spray some water (cleaning agent) in a clean cloth or
glass, water (cleaner) will be mixed with the sand will become
yellow mud, wiping the results will be very bad.
● Use in sunny or low humidity weather, Dry scraping effect is best.
●Can not be used in rainy days or wet weather, there will
be a white fog like water vapor traces.
Step2:Replace the cleaning cloth, the upper part of the cleaning wheel
to keep clean and dry, clean the lower part of the cleaning agent (1-2
spray), can not be completely wet, wet cleaning cloth will affect the
operation of the machine.
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Package Includes:
1*High Suction Window Cleaner Robot

*Please allow 10-21 business days for the item to arrive, depends on your location.

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