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Waterproof Electric Fish Scale Scraper / Remover Tool

Waterproof Electric Fish Scale Scraper / Remover Tool

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Looking for an easy way to completely get rid of those fish scales without having to do it manually? Our exclusive fish scaler was designed to quickly and efficiently descale all kinds of fish with little effort.

Equipped with special technology and sharp blades, this electric fish scaler gets rid of all fish scales within a single minute! Not only is this fish scaler easy to use and operate, but it also works automatically.

Best part of all, the fish scaler tool prevents the user from getting any cuts or bruises while scaling while saving tons of time. Spend more time enjoying the deliciously cooked fish and less time scaling with our fish scale remover! It's the Best Fish Scaler, The scale on a fish is removed in Seconds!


Saving time and labor, easy to clean.

Insulating material & Waterproof.

Suitable for vegetable market, restaurants, home use.

Thick steel blade, no rust, no damage to fish texture.

High-precision waterproof bearings, high-quality motors.

Contains lithium battery for greater capacity and higher quality.

Applicable fish:common fish such as freshwater fish, marine fish, carp, grass carp.

120W Waterproof Electric Fish Scale Scraper Fishing Scalers Clean Easy Fish Stripper Remover Cleaner Tool


  • Plug : US Plug
  • Power:120W
  • Voltage (V):110V--220V
  • Battery Voltage:12V/24V
  • Type:Universal
  • Style:Plug In
  • Weight:Approx.1136g
  • Feature:6 Sides Of Blade
  • Material:Stainless Steel + ABS Shell
  • Size:Approx.23.5* 5.9 / 9.25 * 2.32"
  • Box Size:Approx.27*11.5*10cm/10.62*4.52*3.93

Package Included:

1 x Electric Fish Scaler

1 x Charging Adapter

2 x Battery Folder

1 x Battery Folder Cable

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