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4-in-1 Evaporative Air Cooler with 12L Water Tank and 4 Ice Boxes

4-in-1 Evaporative Air Cooler with 12L Water Tank and 4 Ice Boxes

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Key Features

 Not Just a Cooling Fan: Featuring a superb honeycomb cooling pad, washable dust filter, and anion generator, this evaporative air cooler can turn the hot and dry air into cool and moist air while purifying the air at the same time. Besides, a 12L large water tank makes this cooler operate for a long time without frequently adding water.
 3 Wind Speeds and 4 Modes: There are 4 wind modes (standard /cooling/breeze/sleep) and 3 speeds (high/medium/low) for you to choose from, which can meet your different needs. Moreover, the wind direction can be adjusted up/down manually and left/right automatically to cool down your room quickly and evenly.
 Timer Function and Low Noise: Coming with a 7.5-hour timing function, the air cooler allows you to set the auto-off time to enjoy an all-night sleep with continuous cool, clean and fresh airflow. Besides, this evaporative air cooler runs at a low noise level, which will not disturb your sleeping or working.
 Easy to Move and Operate: The smart touch panel and clear LED display make the operation much easier. And the remote control enables you to control the air cooler conveniently without any moving. What's more, 4 universal wheels (2 lockable) and built-in handles make this air cooler easy to move from room to room.
 Energy Saving and Humanized Design: Compared with a conventional air conditioner, this high-efficiency air cooler at low power of 65 W can save much more energy and money. In addition, 4 iceboxes are provided for you to enhance the cooling performance. And the top water tank allows you to add water easily without bending down anymore.


Color White
Material PP
Product dimensions 11.5" x 11" x 28" (L x W x H)
Rated power 65 W
Voltage 120 v/60 hz
Timer 0-7.5 hours
Water tank capacity 12 L/3 gallon
Wind speed High/medium/low
Wind mode Standard/cooling/breeze/sleep mode
Net weight 11.5 lbs


-The 4-in-1 multifunctional design includes an air cooler, fan, humidifier, and anion
-12L water tank allows for long time use without adding water frequently
-7.5-hour timing function brings you a comfortable and hassle-free sleep
-4 wind speeds and 3 modes to meet all your needs for cooling
-The oscillating function offers a wide-angle and long-distance air supply
-The top watering design allows you to add water without bending down
-Visible water level provides accurate residual water information
-4 iceboxes are included to enhance cooling performance
-Remote control and smart touch panel for convenient use
-65W cooling power is more energy-saving than air condition
-Power cord holder for convenient storage and added safety
-Easy to move with the built-in handle and 4 universal wheels
-2 wheels with a lockable design provide extra stability and safety
-Water outlet helps to quickly drain the remaining water in the tank
-Ideal for living room, bed

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