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Adjustable Home Gym Bench Press And Squat Barbell Half Rack

Adjustable Home Gym Bench Press And Squat Barbell Half Rack

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Adjustable Home Gym Bench Press And Squat Barbell Half Rack

Looking for a squatting rack that will seamlessly fit in your home gym? Our power rack was built to assist you in various powerlifting exercises while keeping you safe at the same time!

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Made out of high-quality carbon steel, the barbell rack is capable of carrying up to 480 lbs of weights in one go. It also has a stable base, ensuring that the home gym squat rack doesn't topple over when in use.

Fitted with two tiers of carrying hooks, the home squat rack is versatile and can be used for bench presses too! This way, you'll be able to work on various muscles while using only one bench press squat rack.

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Better yet, the home gym power rack has pull-up handles attached for you to do some of your bodyweight exercises. Keep your body in top shape by regularly lifting weights with the help of the half squat rack.


HEAVY-DUTY - Weights are extremely heavy, especially when you start adding on weights when as exercise. Our bench press and squat rack can carry up to 480 lbs of accumulated weight without breaking down or falling over.

ADJUSTABLE - This adjustable squat rack can be shortened to the perfect height for your bench presses and be made taller for perfect squats. You can also make it the perfect height for you to do dips on with the help of the pull-up handles.

EASY SET-UP - The half power rack has all the components that you need to be able to achieve your dream body. All that you have to do is to connect the base parts to the weight racks and you're ready to start lifting.


Material: Carbon steel
Weight capacity: 480 lbs
Overall Size: 26.4 (L) x 30.3-48 (W) x 40.6-64.2 inch (H)
Weight: 46 lbs


1x Squatting rack

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