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Digital Electronic Kitchen Baking Food Weight Scale

Digital Electronic Kitchen Baking Food Weight Scale

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Digital Electronic Kitchen Baking Food Weight Scale

Do you need a food scale to give you accurate food measurements? Our kitchen scale is the perfect weighing tool to use when you need to measure ingredients for a recipe or when you need to prepare exact meal proportions.

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Make sure that all your recipes come out as a success by carefully measuring each ingredient on the digital food scale. Simply set a bowl or a container on top of the digital kitchen scale and fill it up with your chosen ingredients until you reach the required weight.

With a LED display screen attached to the face of the food weight scale, you'll be able to view weight measurements in an instant. Equipped with smart buttons, you can choose among various measurement scales as needed.
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Best part of all, the baking scale can measure both liquids and dry ingredients with a maximum capacity of 11 pounds. Take accurate measurements of all your meal components by placing them on top of the cooking scale.


COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT - Our kitchen weighing scale is only 7 inches long and 5.5 inches wide, making it compact enough to place on top of your kitchen countertop. It is also lightweight, which means that you can pick it up and place it anywhere that you'd like.

DUAL POWER SUPPLY - Equipped with a battery pack, you can insert batteries to power up the electronic kitchen scale. Alternatively, you can attach the food scale to a USB connection, press the on button, and start weighing some food.

ANTI-SKID - Fitted with four anti-skid feet, the kitchen scale won't leave marks on your beautiful countertop. This also ensures that the digital food scale won't easily slide off of your table when you accidentally hit it.


Material: ABS + stainless steel
Size: 7 x 5.5 x 0.6 in
Package Size: 8 x 6.4 x 1 in
Power supply: Battery/USB
Unit of measure: Grams, milliliters, ounce, kilograms, and pounds
Measuring range: 5kg/1g, 10kg/1g (optional)


1x Digital kitchen scale 


Domestic Shipping (USA): Your food weight scale will be packaged and shipped within 3 days of ordering. Keep in mind our items are custom made and shipped from warehouses across the globe which means it may take them 7 to 29 business days to arrive after shipment (most of the time closer to 18).

International Shipping: The baking scale will be packaged and shipped within 5 days of order. We do ship worldwide! Please be patient and note that delivery times will vary depending on your location. Majority of the countries will have the best cooking scale delivered within 2 to 5 weeks!

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