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Double End Speed Punching Reflex Bag

Double End Speed Punching Reflex Bag

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Double End Speed Punching Reflex Bag

Are you looking for a way to tone your arms and speed up your reflexes at the same time? Our speed bag can help you improve your hand-eye coordination and make you feel confident when you're throwing punches.

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Improve your endurance by incorporating reflex bag exercises into your daily routine. Start off with punching the speed punching bag for a few minutes a day and eventually, you'll find yourself being more active than the days before.

Use your punching reflex bag for target practice to enhance your accuracy, making you never miss a punch. Keep your eye on the center and punch that area over and over again to simulate a continuous flow of punches.

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Spark up your senses by swiftly reacting to the double end speed bag as it bounces back to you. As challenging as it can be at first, your continued use of the speed bag will give you lasting results and newfound confidence.


STRONG MATERIAL - A reflex bag absorbs a lot of punches especially if you use it on a daily, making it prone to tearing. This speed punching bag is made with high-quality PU leather, making it extremely wear-resistant and durable.

The flexible ropes on the punching reflex bag helps to challenge you when trying to hit the target. The added difficulty can motivate you to practice more until you master the craft.

EASY SET-UP - Exercising should be the only challenging part of owning the double end speed bag; setting it up is definitely the easiest part! All you have to do is to pump the ball, fix the ropes on the ball, and attach it to two separate sides on the opposite ends.


Main material: High-quality PU leather
Product color: Yellow, white, and red
Ball size: 13.8x7.08x7.08"
Product net weight: 0.8 lbs
Stretch length to: 88.6"
Length including rope: 53.9"


1x Reflex bag

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