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Heavy Duty Adjustable Universal Spanner Wrench

Heavy Duty Adjustable Universal Spanner Wrench

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Heavy Duty Adjustable Universal Spanner Wrench

Unscrew bolts with ease and dexterity by using our heavy-duty spanner wrench. Our adjustable spanner wrench was made to help you loosen-up different-sized bolts on a variety of structures and machineries.

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Equipped with rubber handles, the adjustable spanner enables you to have a firm grip, preventing it from slipping away from your hand. This way, you'll be able to better control the universal wrench and unscrew tight bolts without a hitch.

There's no longer a need to purchase multiple wrenches to help you unscrew different-sized bolts. With our versatile spanner wrench, you'll be able to screw big and small bolts all on their own.

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Even better, the adjustable spanner wrench is equipped with six strong clamps that securely hold onto the bolts. Keep all your repair work easy and uncomplicated by using the adjustable spanner to speed things up.


DURABLE - Made with high-quality carbon steel, the universal wrench is highly durable and can withstand constant use. This way, you'll be able to screw and unscrew bolts without worrying about it breaking down. 

COMPACT - Measuring at just 5.9 inches long, the adjustable spanner is extremely compact, making it easy to handle. Its size also makes it easy to pack away into a toolbox or storage drawer.

ADJUSTABLE - By simply squeezing on its handles, the adjustable universal wrench will adjust to the bolt's size. Once it tightly presses onto the bolt's surface, you'll be able to twist it until the bolt comes off.


Material: High-carbon steel
Size: 6 inch, about 5.9 x 150mm * 98mm
Clamping range (7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14mm)
Minimum clamping diameter 7mm
Maximum clamping diameter 14 mm


1x Spanner tool


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