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Heavy Duty All Terrain Heavy Duty Unisex Snowshoes 25 in

Heavy Duty All Terrain Heavy Duty Unisex Snowshoes 25 in

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Heavy Duty All Terrain Heavy Duty Unisex Snowshoes 25 in

Walking on newly laid snow can be quite difficult, especially if you don't have any snowshoes on. Our premium mens' snowshoes help you have good traction to the ground so that you can zoom through snowy mountains with ease.

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Another feature of the running snowshoes is its ability to prevent you from sinking into fresh snow while you walk on tough terrain. Plus, it makes snow hiking more do-able even if you're a beginner snow hiker.

Snowshoeing is an extremely challenging activity and the addition of the women's snowshoes help you gain more speed even when you're on an uphill trail. Not only that, but the snowshoes have a round tail design that makes it perfect to use in deep powdery snow.

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Best out of all, the mens' snowshoes are extremely lightweight and easy for both kids and adults to drag through the snow. Enjoy every snowshoeing escapade by equipping yourself with our premium running snowshoes.


EASY TO WEAR - Our women's snowshoes come with top and heel straps that help you secure them on your feet. Not only that, but the snowshoes also come with a quick-release function that make it easy for you to remove and adjust on your feet.

ANTI-SLIP - Equipped with aluminum claws at the bottom, the mens' snowshoes prevent you from sliding on slippery snow. This way, you don't have to hesitate when you're running and playing around on snowy hills and mountains.

DURABLE - With its temperature-resistant materials, the running snowshoes are highly durable and can withstand years of heavy use. Using them under severe conditions is no problem due to their solid and streamlined build.


Size: 8 x 25"
Snowshoe Style: Round Tail
Color: red


1x Women's Snowshoes


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