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Heavy Duty Leg Split Stretching Machine

Heavy Duty Leg Split Stretching Machine

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Heavy Duty Leg Split Stretching Machine

Increase your flexibility by stretching your legs with our heavy-duty leg stretcher. Our leg stretching machine was built to assist you in stretching your legs far enough to achieve your flexibility goals.

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With the seat positioned closely to the adjustment wheel, the straddle stretcher makes it easy for you to control the whole machine. This way, you won't have trouble adjusting your leg's position while you're in the middle of a stretching session.

Equipped with easy-rolling wheels, the split stretcher ensures that your legs are stretched out at a steady pace. It ensures that your body is ready for the wide stretch, preventing you from getting hurt in the process.

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Best out of all, the leg stretching machine also gives you the option to stretch your legs while standing up. Safely stretch your legs while standing on the straddle stretcher to develop balance, increase leg strength, improve agility, and more!


HEAVY-DUTY - Our leg stretcher was built to carry up to 235 pounds of weight in one go without breaking down. It's reliable for daily use due to its heavy-duty functionality and extreme durability.

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COMFORTABLE - Fitted with a thickened seat cushion, the leg stretching machine was made for your comfort. Each part is lined with high-quality leather material that cushions your body whenever you get stretched.

DURABLE - Unlike machines that use cable systems, our straddle stretcher comes with a gear system that is far more durable. Cable systems usually snap and break after some time, while gear systems stay intact for longer.


Weight Capacity: 235 lbs
Material: Leather


1x Split Stretcher
1x Manual

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