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HairCare Professional Electric Laser Hair Growth Comb

HairCare Professional Electric Laser Hair Growth Comb

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Now Get Thicker, Fuller, Healthier-Looking Hair Easily & Effortlessly With This Electric Laser Hair Growth Comb.

Need an affordable hair loss treatment? Then get this amazing Electric Laser Hair Growth Comb. Successfully tried and tested technology with great results in professional clinics that treat hair loss. 

Professional Electric Laser Hair Growth Comb can be used by both men and women. It helps stimulate the blood circulation in your scalp and keep away the fungi. 

A Professional Electric Laser Hair Growth Comb To Make Your Hair More Healthier & Stronger.



  • SCIENCE OF LASER HAIR GROWTH: Clinical studies have shown that hair follicles only weaken over time and never actually stop growing. Using advanced laser light technology, our laser hair growth comb stimulates the scalp and assists the regrowth of hair from the roots. It effectively energizes the weaker follicles below the skin's surface and results in stronger, thicker, and healthier hair. The active laser light stimulates hair follicles (via photobiostimulation) and “wakes them up” back into the hair growth cycle which is known as the Anagen phase. Developed by expert medical professionals for hair loss patients, our Electric Laser Hair Growth Comb is safe to use. Our Laser comb massager has proven to improve and stimulate hair growth for anyone who has active hair follicles in their scalp.
  • REGROWTH HAIR TREATMENT: The combined action of 3 beams of light plus and the massage function of the laser comb increases, regrows, strengthens and improves hair quality. It stops hair loss. Moreover, it has 2 types of diodes. i) 7 red 660-nanometer energy diodes that stimulate the deepest parts of hair follicles. ii) 7 blue 470-nanometer energy diodes that regenerate the surface of the hair follicle.
  • GROW THICKER, FULLER, & HEALTHIER HAIR: Comb massager kills bacteria and stimulates points on the scalp that helps to expand capillary vessel and speed up blood circulation. Also, it rejuvenates the skin and hair cells which reduces dandruff by stimulating the blood cells. Our laser hair growth comb can save you a ton of money on a hair growth clinic or dermatologist clinic.
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: It has stimulating vibration technology which is FDA cleared and helps to stimulate blood circulation. Will help to regrow your hair 2-3 times faster than the normal growing speed which has been proven clinically by many dermatologists. It makes hair smooth and healthy
  • AMAZING RESULTS: Most users report seeing results in two to four months of daily consistent use. For best results, use ten to fifteen minutes every other day. Results may be observed in as little as two weeks. Suitable for both men and women from 18 to 80.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT HANDHELD CORDLESS COMB: This affordable comb is cordless and can be taken easily anywhere you want. Now take a good care of your hair while traveling outside.


  • Size: 24cm x 4cm x 4.5cm/9.45" x 1.57" x 1.77" (Approx.)
  • Powered By: 4 x AAA Batteries(Not Included)
  • Input Voltage: DC 6V
  • Red LED Wave Length: 660nm +/- 5nm
  • Blue LED Wave Length: 470nm +/- 5nm
  • Laser Wave Length: 650nm +/- 5nm
  • Output: 420mW (No Vibration), 600mW (With Vibration)


  • For best results, use ten to fifteen minutes every other day.


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