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Magic Fort Building Kit With Box

Magic Fort Building Kit With Box

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Let Your Kids’ Imagination Run Wild with Magical Fort Building Set

With Magical Fort Building Set, you and your kids can embark on a DIY adventure, building anything from caves and tunnels to forts, rockets, tents, and houses. This one-of-a-kind kit offers endless possibilities for family fun, making it the perfect addition to your playtime activities.

Achieve screen-free captivation effortlessly!

Scientifically developed Sensory Fort Building Kit targets children’s developing brain areas. Enhances cognitive, sensory, and hand-motor skills. Provides hours of engagement.

Boost creative thinking and sensory response

Physicians around the world recommend our Sensory Fort Building Kits! They are proven to increase various positive cognitive behaviors such as increased sensory responseelevated hand-eye coordination, and more!

Dream Big, Build Big!

Unlock unlimited imagination and transform towering aspirations into tangible achievements with our fort-building kit -where big dreams transform into even greater realities.

Easy to Assemble and Durable

It is made of sturdy high-quality plastic, just insert and screw the rod into the ball, the builder can connect it in a few seconds, easy to disassemble, and it will not deform. It comes with a storage bag, suitable for indoor and outdoor activities.


  • Made of BPA-free plastic
  • Suitable for kids 3 years and older


  • 70+PCS SET: 21 Balls + 45 Sticks; 1 x Tent (optional); 1 x Building Guide
  • 150+ PCS SET: 55 Balls + 100 Sticks1 x Tent (optional); 1 x Building Guide
  • 220+PCS SET: 77 Balls + 144 Sticks1 x Tent (optional); 1 x Building Guide
  • 300+PCS SET: 110 Balls + 200 Sticks1 x Tent (optional); 1 x Building Guide

Each stick has a length of 31 cm (12.2 Inch), and each ball has a diameter of 3,5 cm (1.3Inch)


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