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OBD2 Bluetooth Code Scanner Tool

OBD2 Bluetooth Code Scanner Tool

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OBD2 Bluetooth Code Scanner Tool

Looking for the perfect car diagnostic tool that'll do fast scans and take care of car engine errors with ease? Our OBD2 Bluetooth Code Scanner Tool was designed to quickly and efficiently investigate the cause of check engine data and completely erase the engine fault codes.

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This obd2 scanner not only figures out exactly what the issue with your car is, but it also attempts to fix the issue, saving you tons of money and time. In addition, this obd2 code reader directly showcases all of the issues onto your mobile device and automatically notifies you if the issues are a cause of concern.

Best part of all, our obd2 bluetooth scanner is perfectly compatible with most cars manufactured after the year 2000. 

best bluetooth obd2 scanner

Our obd2 scanner bluetooth is extremely easy to use as well; simply plug the obd2 scan tool into the car's OBDII port, connect via bluetooth to your mobile device (connection name is V-Link), and install and open the Torque app. 


LONG LASTING - Simply put, our obd2 scanner was built to last. The outer layer of the car obd2 code reader has a special dust cap design which protects the connector from dust, water, oil, and dirt. Due to this, the obd2 code reader  will remain in full working condition even when not in use.

PORTABLE - Due to its relatively small size, the obd2 bluetooth scan tool is extremely portable and can be taken anywhere with you. Keep it in your car's storage compartment for urgent use or even in your pocket with ease.

USER FRIENDLY - The obd2 code reader contains a simple plug and play operation and can be used within minutes. Our obd2 bluetooth tool's operation and diagnosis speeds are 2-3 times faster than other obd2 scanners, meaning you'll have the results quickly.

Domestic Shipping (USA): Your obd2 scanner tool will be packaged and shipped within 3 days of ordering. Keep in mind our items are custom made and shipped from warehouses across the globe which means it may take them 7 to 22 business days to arrive after shipment (most of the time closer to 12).
International Shipping: The obd2 bluetooth code reader will be packaged and shipped within 5 days of order. We do ship worldwide! Please be patient and note that delivery times will vary depending on your location. Majority of the countries will have the OBD2 Bluetooth Code Scanner Tool delivered within 2 to 5 weeks!
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