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Outdoor Solar Flood Lights with Remote Control

Outdoor Solar Flood Lights with Remote Control

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Super Bright LED Solar Flood Lights Outdoor

This high-quality LED  outdoor solar flood light, has up to 3500 LM brightness and 6500K daylight. Providing you with clearer visibility at night. Adjustable 3-headed solar outdoor lights with curved body design, up to 270° lighting angle, and 33 ft. lighting distance. Convex light cover for the brighter and more concentrated light distribution. LED motion sensor outdoor lights with 180° sensing range and 26 ft. sensing distance, quickly detect motions and turn on the mode without delay.

Solar Lights Outdoor Waterproof

  • Waterproof, heat and frost-resistant solar outdoor wall light is perfect for all weather and seasons.
  • Drainage Port Design. The water will be drained from the drainage port of the light body.
  • Using a remote controller to control the modes, you do not have to climb up and down to adjust it.
  • Through the button on the back of the light to adjust the modes, the modes cycle sequentially: OFF-Mode 1-Mode 2-Mode-3

Integrated Installation and Separate Installation (with 16.5 ft. cable).

This outdoor security light is equipped with a high-efficiency solar panel and a large-capacity battery. High efficiency, energy saving, and long service life.

The solar panel absorbs solar energy during the daytime and converts it into electrical energy, which is delivered to the battery for storage. The solar lights for the outside turn on automatically at night.

(Built-in battery, Non-replaceable. Please do not disassemble.)

Solar Outdoor Motion Sensor Light with 3 Lighting Modes

  • Mode 1: Low light turns on all night.
  • Mode 2: Turns to high light when motion is detected. Turns back to low light mode after 20s if no motion is detected.
  • Mode 3: Turns on high light when motion is detected. Turns off after 20s if no motion is detected.
  • In sensing mode, the light mode will last as long as motion is detected. (unless stationary or out of sensing range)

How to Install and Use

Step 1: Installing the base 1. Drill two holes in the wall according to the width of the two holes of the base(Both the solar panel and the light have a base accessory).
2. Knock the expansion screw sleeve into the hole in the wall.
3. Twist the screw through the base's hole into the hole on the wall.
Installing solar lights
1. Integrated Installation: Embed the pivot arm of the solar panel into the bracket slot on the top of the light(There is no need to add a base to the solar panel pivot arm).
2. Separated Installation: Embed the solar panel and light pivot arm into the corresponding base. (The solar panel should be installed in a position that is exposed to direct sunlight in order to absorb solar energy and convert it into electricity more efficiently.)
Step 3: Connecting Cables Connect the cables of the solar panel and the light. (Keep the cable connected. The solar panel absorbs solar energy and converts it into electricity, which is transferred via cable to the light's built-in battery for storage.)
Step 4: Start light modes Press the button on the back of the light to turn on the mode. (The initial mode of the light is "OFF". Before using the remote control to select the lighting mode, please press the button on the back of the light first to turn on the light. And then you can use the remote controller to select the lighting modes.)
Step 5: Choose the light modes Select the modes you want by pressing the button on the back of the light or using the remote controller.
Suggestions 1. Before using and installing the solar flood light for the first time, please connect the cables of the solar panel and light, and then charge 1-2 days under direct sunlight. 2. It is recommended that solar-powered outdoor lights be installed with the sensor facing down.
Notes 1. The solar light detects the ambient brightness by the voltage of the solar panel and controls the light to turn on and off. 2. Only when the environment's illumination around the solar panel is lower than 42 lux(the cable of the panel and the light is connected), the LED flood lights will be able to light up.
Install Indoor(Not Recommend) Install the solar panel outside and the light body inside, connect the cables. During the daytime, the solar light is charging and the illumination around the solar panel is not dark enough, so the indoor light body will not light up. If you want to use it in the daytime, please make sure the light has power, then disconnect the cable and adjust the light mode again.




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Package Included

‎Remote Control × 1

Motion Sensor Flood Light × 1

1 Set of Installation Accessories

Solar Panel × 1

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