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Premium Acrylic Paint Set Kit 24 pcs

Premium Acrylic Paint Set Kit 24 pcs

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Premium Acrylic Paint Set Kit 24 pcs

Awaken your creative side by creating beautiful and vibrant artwork with our high-quality acrylic paint set. Our acrylic paint kit is filled with 24 different colors that you can mix and match to create new shades with.

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Due to its tightly shut paint tubes, the acrylic paint pack won't easily dry up and will rather last for years. Each paint tube contains 12 ml of paint, giving you enough product to paint on large canvases.

Acrylic paint dries faster than other types of paint so that you can finish your artwork right away. Not only that, but the acrylic paint set is extremely flexible and won't chip off from the canvas even after it dries up.

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Best out of all, the acrylic paint pack is water-resistant once it's fully dried up on canvases, clothes, pots, and more. Enjoy doing beautiful DIY crafts by using colorful acrylic paint on all of your projects.


VIBRANT - Each paint color was specially mixed to reveal the most vibrant shades of the rainbow. This acrylic paint set will give you a vibrant color output, making your artwork eye-catching and unique.

VERSATILE - Not only can you use the acrylic paint kit on a canvas, but you can also use it on clothes, pottery, and wood. Once the paint is fully dry, it will securely adhere to the canvas for a very long time.

LONG LASTING - Despite its compact packaging, the acrylic paint pack can be used on numerous projects. All the acrylic paint colors can be mixed together for you to add more depth to your unique creations.


Tube Size: 12 ml


1x 24-piece Paint Set


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