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Premium Hover Board Go Kart Seat Attachment

Premium Hover Board Go Kart Seat Attachment

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Premium Hover Board Go Kart Seat Attachment 

Tired of rolling back and forth on your hoverboard and need a hoverboard seat to spice things up? With its cool and unique design, the hoverboard attachment seamlessly connects to your hoverboard so that you can ride it just like a go kart.

best hoverboard go kart attachment

Just like a hoverboard, the movement of the hoverboard seat attachment is fully reliant on where you focus your bodyweight. Simply tilt left or right while sitting on the hoverboard cart attachment and move through winding streets without a hassle.

Not only that, but the hoverboard cart attachment also comes with two steering handles to guide you while you move in high speeds. Equipped with sturdy footrests, the hoverboard seat allows you to place tension on its base to keep yourself secure throughout the whole ride.

hoverboard attachment

Most importantly, the hoverboard go kart attachment comes with a large and spacious seat that is comfy to sit on for hours. Speed through the streets in the most fun and exciting way possible by equipping your hoverboard with our premium hoverboard seat attachment.


UNIVERSAL ATTACHMENT - No matter what type of hoverboard you have, mounting the hoverboard cart attachment to it is a quick and easy task. This means that it would only take a few minutes for you to set everything up before experiencing the most unique way to travel.

EASY STORAGE - Despite its long frame, the hoverboard seat is compact enough to store almost anywhere in your home. Not only that, but the hoverboard attachment can also be disassembled and placed in your car's trunk anytime you need to bring it with you when you travel.

HEAVY-DUTY - Constructed with heavy-duty metal and ABS, the hoverboard go kart attachment doesn't easily wear out even with constant use. Our hoverboard seat attachment is built to stand strong against contact with outdoor elements on a daily basis.


Material: Metal + ABS
Color: Red
Kart Weight: 13 lbs
Max Load: 200lbs
Recommended Age: 13+ years old
Dimension: 31.4 x 17.1 x 17.4 in
Package size: 20.4 x 16.9 x 7.8 in


1x Hoverboard Cart Attachment

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