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Professional Whetting Stone Sharpener 400/1000

Professional Whetting Stone Sharpener 400/1000

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Professional Whetting Stone Sharpener 400/1000

Keep all your knives and cutters sharp by whetting them on our double-sided whetting stone. By sharpening your cutting tools on the sharpening stone you'll be able to cut through most materials with extreme ease.

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Equipped with two grit sizes, the wet stone is able to seamlessly sharpen and polish your knives. This way, your sharpened knives won't be rough around the edges and tug onto whatever material you're cutting.

Made with high-quality white corundum, the wet stone sharpener is strong enough to polish down all types of knives for improved cutting and chopping. It is also durable enough to sharpen your tools for years without breaking down.

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Even better, the whetstone knife sharpener comes with its very own angle guide, teaching you to keep your knife at the right angle for a perfect finish. Effortlessly cut through hard veggies and meat by regularly sharpening your knives with the whetting stone.


NON-SLIP - Equipped with a bamboo base, the sharpening stone won't slip and slide while you sharpen your tools. This way, you'll be able to place substantial pressure on your knives without the wet stone slipping from under it.

EASY TO USE - Our wet stone sharpener comes with all the components that you need to be able to sharpen and polish your knives. All that you have to do is to soak the whetstone knife sharpener in water, sharpen your knife, and rinse off any residue.

HEAVY-DUTY - Unlike normal whetting stones, our whetting stone is made out of ultra-strong white corundum and is highly durable. It can polish any type of knife and can be used multiple times in a day without chipping or breaking.


Grit: 400+1000
Material: White corundum
Item size: 7.1 * 2.4 * 1.1in
Item weight: 1.4 lbs
Package size: 11.4 * 4.3 * 3.9in
Package weight: 2.2lb


1x Sharpening stone
1x Bamboo Base
1x Angle Guide


Domestic Shipping (USA): Your wet stone will be packaged and shipped within 3 days of ordering. Keep in mind our items are custom made and shipped from warehouses across the globe which means it may take them 7 to 29 business days to arrive after shipment (most of the time closer to 18). 

International Shipping: The wet stone sharpener will be packaged and shipped within 5 days of order. We do ship worldwide! Please be patient and note that delivery times will vary depending on your location. Majority of the countries will have the whetstone knife sharpener delivered within 2 to 5 weeks! 

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