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Semi-Automatic Tire Changing Machine Helper Auxiliary Arm

Semi-Automatic Tire Changing Machine Helper Auxiliary Arm

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Semi-Automatic Car Tire Changing Machine

Do you need an auxiliary arm to help you with your tyre changing machine? Our semi-automatic tyre changing machine auxiliary arm has been designed to make tyre changes a more manageable operation.


Heavy-Duty - Made of high quality stainless steel components, the tyre system is capable of handling tyres up to 37 inches in diameter. This even has enough power to pull the rough tyres off the rims in a matter of minutes.

Fast Set-Up - Better still, the tyre changer performs much of the job and lets you roll and raise the tyre. Move away from a completely manual tyre change cycle utilising a tyre tool.

Fast Operation - Manual tyre change requires a lot of time and can take a number of hours out of your day. This tyre mounting system is semi-automatic and requires just a little lifting strength to get the job finished in no time!


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Package Content

1x Car Tire Changing Machine Auxiliary Arm

Please Note That This Only Includes The Auxiliary Arm As Seen In The Image Below

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