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Smart Ceramic Heater

Smart Ceramic Heater

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🔥800-watt power, Heating 250 Sq Ft room in 10 minutes! Mico-Ceramic Heating Technology & Saves 37% Of Electricity.undefined

❄Don't like getting out of the shower on cold mornings?

Are you feeling that cold breeze when working or trying to relax?
If you hate being cold but you don’t want to raise your heating bill... you need to read on.
it’s a super small, powerful heater that consumes much less energy than regular heaters. I know what you’re thinking…there’s no way a heater can actually heat a whole room quickly, safely, and for cheap. But I’ll tell you that you are in for a pleasant surprise when you see what this little thing can do.

It is smaller than a football and plugs directly into the wall, so there are no cables and it takes almost no space. And the Instant heat technology allows it to be so quiet that you will forget it’s there!


2023 New Wall Outlet Personal Space Heater: This 800-watt space-saving wall outlet heater plugs right into the wall and takes up no space at all, transforming any cold and chilly space into a warm and cozy space.

Customized Heat: Features a digital LED display with an adjustable thermostat that gives you exact temperature control, ranging from 60 to 90 degrees F, plus a 12-hour programmable timer.

Ceramic Heat: This heater turns cold air into soothing heat, with advanced ceramic technology that keeps moisture in the air and helps prevent dry, itchy, irritated skin.

Safe, Quiet, and Energy Efficient: This heater includes built-in safety features like a stay-cool housing and auto shut-off, and its quiet operation allows you to relax or sleep without being disturbed.

Use It Anywhere: This lightweight, portable wall outlet space heater is great for chilly rooms like bedrooms, playrooms, living rooms, basements, offices, garages, and more.

How Does the Heater Transform Cold & Chilly Rooms Into Warm & Comfortable Ones?

  • The secret is in the secret technology. The ceramic element stays warm 30% longer so it doesn't have to use as much power to reheat over and over again. The fan inside HeatZo then sucks the air out through the hot ceramic element and distributes it evenly throughout the room!

  • As you can see, the Heater uses less energy to create more heat than traditional heaters. Thanks to Instaheat technology, it can heat a room up to 250 Sq Ft. and make it 37% warmer in a few minutes, for just pennies. That is what we call efficient!

  • However, what's really special about IT is that it's been made with the average consumer in mind. One of the amazing features it has is the programmable timer - so you can program it and warm up your bathroom before you wake up for example.
  • Also, the remote controller makes it super easy to stay cozy and adjust the temperature. They also kept safety in mind in the creation process - they added a sensor that makes IT stop completely if it becomes too hot (for any reason). It has many more features, check availability to learn more about it!


  • Plug: US, EU, UK
  • Operating Modes: High and Low
  • Package Includes: 1 x Wall Outlet Electric Heater

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