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Smart Electric Chain Winch Remote Controlled Hoist 1,100 Lbs

Smart Electric Chain Winch Remote Controlled Hoist 1,100 Lbs

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Smart Electric Chain Winch Remote Controlled Hoist 1,100 Lbs

Conveniently and effortlessly lift heavy materials up to 40 feet high with the help of our heavy-duty hoist. Due to its reliable design, the chain hoist can carry up to 1,100 pounds of materials without breaking down.

electric hoist

Equipped with a 900W copper motor, the electric chain hoist gets lifting jobs done quickly while consuming low energy. Not only that, but the electric winch hoist has a rapid cooling effect that prevents the whole machine from overheating.

With its versatile design, the electric hoist with remote control features a single and double line lifting method. Its single line method is capable of lifting objects up to 550 lbs and the double line method can carry up to 1,100 lbs of materials with ease.


Better yet, the chain hoist comes with a handy remote control that lets you easily control the up and down motion of the wire cable. Improve your workflow and carrying capacity by using our powerful electric hoist to lift heavy objects.


RELIABLE - It takes high-quality materials to properly lift heavy items without faltering or breaking down. Our electric chain hoist is extremely reliable due to its high-quality steel alloy material, effortlessly lifting the heaviest items time and time again.

RUST RESISTANT - Rust can majorly speed up the deterioration of usual steel materials, weakening your electric winch hoist and making it unusable. This electric hoist with remote control is built to withstand the test of time and can give you years of outstanding service.

LIGHTWEIGHT - Considering how much weight it can carry, the hoist is actually very lightweight. Due to its lightweight design, the chain hoist is extremely easy to attach and install to any ceiling or sturdy anchor point.


Material: A3 steel, alloy steel
Capacity of Single/Double Line: 550 lb, 1100 lb
Lifting Speed of Single/Double Line: 33 ft, 16 ft
Lifting Height of Single/Double Line: 40 ft, 20 ft
Cable Length: 40 ft
Length of Handle Cable: 5 ft
Input Power: 900W / 110V


1x Electric Hoist


Domestic Shipping (USA): Your electric chain hoist will be packaged and shipped within 3 days of ordering. Keep in mind our items are custom made and shipped from warehouses across the globe which means it may take them 3 to 15 business days to arrive after shipment (most of the time closer to 11).

International Shipping: The electric winch hoist will be packaged and shipped within 5 days of order. We do ship worldwide! Please be patient and note that delivery times will vary depending on your location. Majority of the countries will have the electric hoist with remote control delivered within 2 to 5 weeks!

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