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Weighted Compression Gravity Stress Blanket

Weighted Compression Gravity Stress Blanket

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There is nothing better in the world than getting a restful & relaxing night's sleep. If you've ever had or still have anxiety or depressive thoughts that kept you wide awake during the night, our Weighted Compression Gravity Stress Blanket will be the perfect solution for you!

Weighted Compression Gravity Stress Blanket

Designed for maximum comfort and relaxation, our gravity stress blanket was engineered to give your body and nervous system a feeling of being held or hugged. In fact, this compression blanket stimulates your brain and makes you feel happier naturally. The positive stimulations sent due to our stress blanket makes it easier for your whole body to go into a state of sleep.

Along with the health benefits, our gravity weighted blanket is also super soft and comfortable. The overall texture on this compression stress blanket is very high quality. Forget all negative aspects of your life and reward your body with a good night's sleep with our gravity blanket!

Weighted Compression Gravity Stress Blanket


- IT FEELS RICH IN QUALITY: Our exterior micro-fiber is super soft, while internal clasps keep the gravity blanket soundly in place a duvet (NOT INCLUDED). Additionally, gridded stitching ensures the blanket's internal micro beads remain uniformly distributed. All this makes this compression blanket the best gravity blanket available in the world!

- DEEPER SLEEP: Our stress blanket harnesses the power of deep touch pressure stimulation, which promotes relaxation and helps improve sleep. Studies involving weighted blankets like this compression blanket indicate that those who use them have a longer, calmer, more comfortable night’s sleep and feel more refreshed in the morning.

REDUCES NEGATIVE CHEMICALS: With our gravity weighted stress blanket, your body will start to realign. All of the negative energy will be pushed out and more positive chemicals will be released.

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